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Our Religious School philosophy is rooted in Family Education. We have observed that the most significant and long-lasting Shema Pillow Cases4 croplearning for children and parents often is achieved in the context of the family. When children see their parents study, their own study takes on a greater personal significance.

Our nationally-recognized Torat Hayim program is an innovative curriculum designed to involve the whole family in Jewish learning. Its goals are to:

  • Provide a broad and deep religious education experience for our students and their parents.
  • Create Jewish activities inside the home and within The Emanuel’s congregational home.
  • Provide rich Shabbat experiences for the whole family.
  • Facilitate pleasant, convenient parental involvement.
  • Help each child’s religious education schedule fit today’s lifestyle needs.


Jewish Day School families are encouraged to be part of our Torat Hayim program by attending Parent Seminars, Family Shabbatot, and other family programs. A diverse selection of choices for family learning is offered, and includes hands-on Jewish holiday experiences, aspects of Jewish life cycle observances, trips, festive celebrations, Sunday morning workshops, and a variety of Jewish living activities.An Fam Prog06


We welcome you to join us!

CONTACT Director of Congregational Learning,,  (860) 233-2774.