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Chaverim: A Social Group for the Jewish LGBTQ Community

*Chaverim (meaning ‘Friends’) is a social group for the LGBT Jewish community of Greater Hartford that embraces all ages and all Jewish denominations, both singles and partnered. Interfaith couples are welcome, and synagogue affiliation is not required. For more details on upcoming programs and events,  CONTACT Monique Faison Ross: Email;  or Mark Slitt: EMAIL

For Chaverim members and guests: Special Event at The Emanuel with Rabbi Small

Engaging the Angels of our Better Nature:
Rabbinic Wisdom for Troubled Times

Thursday May 17, 7:30 pm
for details

Emanuel Synagogue Co-Ed Softball TeSoftball 2am

Join us as we play coed softball in a fun competition with other area synagogues! The team welcomes both Adult women and men players. Our team features players from both The Emanuel and Beth Hillel Synagogue. Games and practice are Sundays in the summer at 9:30 a.m.

CONTACT Lance Goldberg at [email protected] or 860-233-7729.