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How to:

. . . Light Shabbat Candles: Shabbat Candlelighting courtesy of Behrman House Publishers

. . . Bless the Children: Blessing the Children

. . . Do Kiddush for Friday Evening: How to do Friday night Kiddush at home.

. . . Do blessing over the bread: Blessing over Bread courtesy of Behrman House Publishers

. . . Do Havdalah (ending of Shabbat) blessings: Click here for a printable version Havdalah blessings with Hebrew and transliteration.

. . . Chant Torah & Haftara: Please contact Cantor Cohn or Moshe Pinchover directly at 860-236-1275.

. . . Have an Aliya, reciting blessings before and after the Torah reading: How to have an Aliya.
      Hear the blessings before the Torah reading, Hear the blessings after the Torah reading.

, , , Do Hagbahah and Gelilah  Lift and dress the Torah video,Printable instructiions on how to lift the Torah

. . . Put on a Talit

. . . Say Kaddish Click here for a printable version of the Mourner’s kaddish with Hebrew, transliteration and English translation Click here for a video with Hebrew, transliteration and body movements.

. . . Wrap Tifilin: a RAP version of instructionsa conventional version of instructions
Blessings we say when putting on tefillin in Hebrew and English. Tefillin instructions with illustrations.

. . . Fast on Yom KippurThe Segal Guide to Fasting For Yom Kippur  A Meditation  before Yom Kippur for One Who Cannot Fast

. . . Celebrate Sukkot at home: How to do Sukkot at home How to Build a Sukkah

. . . How to wave the Arbah Minim on Sukkot: How to wave the Arbah Minim

. . . Light Hanukah Candles: Download the Hanukkah blessings. Download how to light the menorah.

. . . Play Dreidel: Dreidel Game instructions

. . . Preparing for Pesach: Helpful Guidelines  A Teshuvah Permitting Ashkenazim to Eat Kitniyot on Pesah  Rabbi Golinkin’s tshuvah on doing away with the custom of not eating rice and beans on Pesach.

. . . Do an unveiling ceremony Unveiling Ceremony

. . . Do a Simchat Bat (Jewish girl baby naming) Here is a Simchat Bat ceremony that you can personalize Simchat Bat

. . . Lead Mincha Learn to lead Mincha with Cantor Cohn from Siddur Sim Shalom for Weekdays.

. . . Mourn  the loss of a pet Jewlishly Download A Jewish Response to Pet Loss.


What if:

. . . there is illness in the family?
Please let us know if a family member or fellow congregant is ill or hospitalized by contacting our office, 860-236-1275. Members of our clergy try to visit members and their close relatives in the hospital. Members of the Hesed Committee also make hospital and home visits to shut-ins. Healing prayers from the bima will be recited.

. . . a death occurs?
Contact Rabbi Small at (860) 236-1275, ext. 115 as soon as possible so he can guide you through what happens next.  Cemetery Rules and RegulationsGuide to Burial and Mourning Practices

. . . you want to marry at The Emanuel?
If you want to marry at The Emanuel, contact the office to make arrangements and be connected with Rabbi Small for an appointment.

. . . you are not Jewish and want to explore the possibility of converting or learning more about Judaism?
Contact Rabbi Small at (860) 236-1275, It is recommended that you see a rabbi as soon as you begin the thought process.

. . . you are expecting a baby?
Contact Rabbi Small, (860) 236-1275, ext. 115, He will help you with names, planning for the brit milah or baby naming, and other matters.

. . . you want to book a room?
Contact the office, 860-236-1275.

. . . you need to find  a Jewish Calendar date?
Go to This site will help you find any Jewish holiday date and help you convert any secular date to the Hebrew date for any year.

. . . you want to do more things that are Jewish?
Consult Rabbi Small at (860) 236-1275, ext. 115, or Director of Congregational Learning, 860) 233-2774. . They will guide your learning process.

. . . you want to learn to lead services?
Contact Cantor Cohn at (860) 236-1275, ext. 114 He will be happy to work out an instructional path for you.

. . . you have a question not listed here?
If it is a religious or counseling matter, our clergy are happy to answer any of your questions at any time. Call  (860) 236-1275. If it is an operational question and a staff person would be more appropriate, contact our office at (860) 236-1275, . To submit a question for our website, send it to