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Our holiday services feature traditional liturgy with a warm participatory tone. Congregants take an active part alongside our rabbi, cantor and Ritual Director, given opportunities to read Torah, chant Haftarah, and lead portions of the service as sh’lihei tzibbur (prayer leaders).

FAQs about our services.

Tish’a B’Av / תשעה באב
July 21- 22, 2018

Tisha B’Av (Hebrew: תשעה באב or ט׳ באב, “the Ninth of Av,”) is an annual fast day in Judaism, named for the ninth day (Tisha) in the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date. Tisha B’Av is never observed on Shabbat, and if the 9th of Av falls on a Saturday, the fast is: postponed until the 10th of Av.
The Emanuel is hosting services; we will be joined by our friends from Beth El Temple and B’nai Tikvoh-Sholom

Tish’a B’Av begins at sundown Saturday, 21 July 2018.


Saturday, July 21:
8:00pm: Minha for Shabbat
8:30pm: Thought for Tisha B’Av by Rabbi Small
8:45pm: Maariv

Sunday, July 22:
8:00am: Shaharit
1:30pm: Minha G’dola (at Beth El Synagogue)
7:00pm: Minha/Maariv

We welcome lay participation in our services! Please contact Moshe Pinchover if you would like an aliya, to read Torah, Haftarah or Megilah, or have any other honor. If you would like to give a D’var Torah, contact Rabbi Small.

CONTACT Ritual Director Moshe Pinchover, (860) 236-1275, [email protected] or Rabbi Small, (860) 236-1275, [email protected]