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For a schedule of Shabbat Service times, click here.

Shabbat Under the Stars

Shabbat Under the Stars

Friday evening, Erev Shabbat:

  • An intimate sunset service in the Chapel.
  • On the third Friday of each month, The Emanuel members conduct Friday Evening Services at Hebrew Health Care. for more information, contact Pamela Garry
  • Shabbat Under the Stars: An outdoor, musical service in the Siegal Garden is held several times a year, accompanied by a Shabbat dinner or oneg  (reception).

Shabbat Morning: Our Saturday morning service anchors our prayer week. Children, including those with special needs, are welcome in the main service as participants or as leaders.

  • 9:00 am: Service begins in the Main Sanctuary.
    • A Learner’s Service for adults meets monthly at 9:30 a.m. in the chapel.
    • Shabbat morning services include Shacharit, “Torah at 10”, sermon and Musaf
  • 11:50 am (approx): Service conclusion; Children under B’nai Mitzvah age are invited onto the bimah for Adon Olam, Kiddush (blessing the wine), N’tilat Yadayim (hand washing), and Motzi (blessing the bread)
  • 12 Noon (approx) Kiddush: We gather for Kiddush weekly as a congregation. Usually, lunch is served as a buffet and there is open seating.  Everyone is invited! If you would like to sponsor a Kiddush, please contact Event Coordinator Regina Miller

Shabbat Afternoon/Saturday Evening

  • Mincha: We offer an afternoon Mincha Service, with special classes offered several times during the year beforehand.
  • Havdalah and Maariv: Every Saturday evening, Maariv Service is recited followed by Havdalah. The congregation stands in a circle ushering out Shabbat.

We are happy to celebrate special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, trips to Israel, etc. – with an aliya to the Torah!  If you would like to chant Torah, Haftarah or have an Aliyah to the Torah, contact Ritual Director Moshe Pinchover (860) 236-1275.  If you would like a part in the service, contact Hazzan Sanford Cohn, (860) 236-1275

Additional Service FAQs

Check out our fabulous Shabbat programming for kids!
Tot Shabbat crop

Attending Shabbat services is a tremendously important part of every child’s Jewish education! Students who are most prepared for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah are the ones that come regularly on Shabbat and are familiar with how our specific service runs. Community building happens both in and  outside of the classroom, and socializing together as a community on Shabbat is essential.

  • ChallahPalooza: For preschoolers and their parents, an interactive Shabbat playtime with mini-service, songs, stories and games. 11:00 am Shabbat morning in the Early Childhood Center. ChallahzPalooza is facilitated by our Early Childhood Coordinator.
  • Mini Minyan for K-2nd: Led By Debbie Mehlman, family service featuring a new siddur with experiential activities for families.
  • Junior Congregation for 3rd-6thThis is a student centered service that will have a different theme each month including: Apples to Apples, Candyland Tefillah and Jewpardy Tefillah!
  • 7th Grade Shabbat Experience: Each service will feature a different specific Judaic theme, leadership skills, and Donuts!