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The Emanuel offers many opportunities for spiritual growth and Jewish learning through our unique family-centered religious school for parents and children of all abilities, award-winning Kadima and USY chapters, and inspirational educational experiences for adult learners. Our members and community can take advantage of our knowledge, support, care, comfort, and warmth. Gathering together often as a congregational family, we enjoy each other’s friendship and learn from one another.

We aim to connect our members to each other and to God by engaging in the important acts of MembershipGellermanorganizing our programs and activities around five core values:

  • Lifelong Leaning (Talmud Torah  תלמוד תורה)
  • Caring (Hesed חסד)
  • Social Justice (Tikkun Olam  תיקון עולם)
  • Participatory Prayer (T’filah תפילה)
  • Love of Israel and the Jewish People (Ahavat Yisrael )

We organize our activities into communities that represent each of the above core values. The emphasis on “community” is intentional – we are family-friendly, and we value intellectual challenge and personal growth in a friendly setting.

The bimah, as well as many other parts of our synagogue facility, is wheelchair-accessible, and our sanctuary is equipped with devices for the hearing impaired. Children and adults with special needs of all kinds participate fully in the life of our congregation.


HistoryIn 1919, a group of young men met to discuss the formation of a new synagogue in Hartford. They envisioned the establishment of a congregation prepared to accept modern interpretation of age-old ethics and observances while retaining the traditional spiritual beauty and appeal that for so long had been an integral part of their religious being. The result was The Emanuel.

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