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The following Board Officers were installed at our 99th Annual Meeting on June 11, 2018:

President: Elysa Graber-Lipperman (pictured)
1st Vice President: Mel Simon
2nd Vice President: David Bomzer
3rd Vice President: Fred Spaeth
Treasurer: Lisa Behan
Assistant Treasurer: Mark Luster
Secretary: Andrea Goldenberg
Assistant Secretary: Dr. Hilda Slivka
Chair of the Board: Dr. Sheila Silverman

2018 Meeting Reports (click links below):

Brotherhood 2018; Chesed 2018; Ritual  2018; Endowment 2018; BYadeynu 2018;  Sisterhood 2018; 98th Annual Meeting Minutes;  Library 2018; Adult Ed 2018; Religious School 2018; Mentors 2018


The Board of Trustees, consisting of twenty-seven elected members, generally meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to members of the congregation. Please check with the synagogue office for any changes to the regular schedule.

For Term Ending 2019:
Dr. Hilda Slivka, Fay deHaas,  Lisa Levy, David Bomzer, Meyer Frankel, Elysa Graber-Lipperman, Ken Simon, Susan Kurtis, Ken Malley

For Term Ending 2020
Jeff Adler, Mitchell Jaffe, Reesa Olins, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Llyn Kaimowitz, Monique Faison Ross, Amy Dembo, Michael Kamins, Fred Spaeth

For Term Ending 2021
Lisa Behan, Andrea Goldenberg, Jackie Isaacson, Rona Gollob, Mark Luster, Mel Simon, Peter Graber-Lipperman, Joshua Cohen, Tammi Kraushaar

For information on the following synagogue arms, click links below:

–   Brotherhood               –     Minyonaires                 –    Sisterhood


Committee chairs may be reached by calling the synagogue office 860-236-1275 or by personal email addresses below:

  • Adult Education:  Identifies interest and needs for adult educational programs and activities and coordinates implementation professional staff. CONTACT Gail Adler, [email protected]
  • Art:  Determines chosen artwork as well as proper installation of all art displayed at the synagogue. CONTACT Phyllis Nova, [email protected]
  • Board of Education: Works with our Principal in overseeing Religious School operations. CONTACT  Co- Chairs: Deb Goldberg, [email protected] or Carolyn Sorkin, [email protected]
  • B’Yadeynu (Social Justice): Promotes causes of social justice, helps those in need, and reaches out to local and national communities. CONTACT Risa Davidson,  [email protected] Janet Wallans, [email protected]
  • Hesed (Caring): Provides comfort and support to the Emanuel community in times of need and joy. CONTACT Gail Rappaport, [email protected]
  • Cemetery:  In conjunction with support staff, oversees the sale and maintenance of cemetery plots and administrative cemetery operations. CONTACT: Jeff Rudolph [email protected]
  • Chevra Kadisha (“Holy Society”): Sees to it that the bodies of Jews are protected from desecration and prepared for burial according to Halakha (Jewish law) CONTACT Faith Helene, [email protected]
  • Dues and Assessments:  Works in conjunction with the Executive Director to adjust dues and make financial considerations for congregants. CONTACT Mark Luster [email protected]
  • Endowment Committee: Sets investment policy for Endowment Funds, oversees investments in conjunction with a professional financial planner, and promotes new funds and planned giving. CONTACT Naomi Kleinman, [email protected]
  • Finance:  Formulates and provides oversight of the annual budget, responsible for approving major expenses prior to Board of Trustees’ approval. CONTACT Amy Dembo, [email protected]
  • Fundraising:  Plans and executes all events designed to raise additional funds for the synagogue.
  • Gabbai (Torah Service Assistant): Appoints, trains, and assigns congregants to be gabbayim who help with the Torah services and coordinate bimah protocol (e.g., handing out aliyot). CONTACT Joe Bacher, [email protected]
  • Green Team: Plans and oversees environmental initiatives. Like to join us or have an idea to share? Contact: [email protected]
  • House Committee: Works in conjunction with the Executive Director to oversee improvements and maintenance of the physical plant. CONTACT:  Howard Smith [email protected] , or Rick Lasker [email protected]
  • Israel Solidarity:  Part of the B’yadeynu Committee, this group addresses the crisis in Israel through education, advocacy, and support. CONTACT Risa Davidson, [email protected]
  • Membership: Works to increase membership, monitor membership satisfaction, and review lapsed or cancelled memberships.
  • Music: Helps Hazzan Cohn to plan musical events, including publicity and format. CONTACT Regina Miller, [email protected]
  • Ritual: Advised by our rabbi and cantor, this congregant committee establishes and maintains the religious standards of The Emanuel Synagogue, promoting the practice of living as a Conservative Jew.CONTACT Don Miller, [email protected]
  • Scholarship:  Reviews and acts on scholarship requests for USY and Jewish summer camp.CONTACT Jay Smith, [email protected]
  • Usher:  Recruits, trains, and assigns congregants to be of assistance during Shabbat and holiday services. CONTACT Joanne Pasternack, [email protected].