Minyonaires are men and women of all ages that support our daily prayer services at The Emanuel Synagogue, 365 days a year!

Minyonaires also:

  • Volunteer to transport congregants in need to synagogue
  • Provide Bnai Mitzvah chanukiyah
  • Provide Bikur Cholim (visits) to congregants as needed in the hospital and shiva
  • Support simchas and other synagogue special occasions

Minyonaire Chair Gladys Mondshein


The Emanuel Minyonaires is a group that makes sure the congregation has a viable prayer service every morning, afternoon, and evening, every day of the year. We feel strongly that we are more than just a prayer group. We realize the Synagogue has many satellites, and they are all important. However, it is the Minyonaires that make the Emanuel a shul, a house of worship.

A Minyan is a group of ten Jews (males over the age of 13; females over the age of 12) who come together to pray. The concept of praying with a Minyan goes back some three millennia. There are many legends and much literature dealing with the Minyan. To touch on a few: Kaddish cannot be recited without a Minyan; the Torah cannot be read in the absence of a Minyan. It is a mitzvah to help make a minyan for someone saying kaddish. The necessity of a minyan is indicative of the importance Judaism places on community.

We have weekday and Sunday minyanim twice a day in the Chapel. Weekday mornings usually are at 7:00 am., and Sundays mornings and secular holidays are usually at 8:00 am. On some holidays and on Rosh Hodesh, morning minyan times may vary. Please check the synagogue website or call the office (860) 236-1275 to find the correct times. Morning minyan is followed by breakfast with the exception of Friday. Afternoon minyan time changes with the time of sunset and can vary from as early as 4 pm to as late as 7:00 pm.

Our minyanim are attended by regular shul goers as well as those who come specifically to say kaddish. Some are members; many are not. We are open to all. On Thursday mornings prior to a bar/bat mitzvah, we give the celebrant the opportunity for their first aliyah and to do the Torah reading if they wish. The bar/bat mitzvah family usually brings family and friends and then sponsors the breakfast. Some of us attend regularly for a spiritual experience, some for camaraderie, and some just because it is a comfortable habit.

Minyonaire membership forms are available at the Synagogue office. At the daily minyan one of the regular attendees can help those interested in membership.

Yearly dues for Minyonaires membership is $12.00 per person. We also ask for those attending breakfast to contribute $1.00 when there is not a breakfast sponsor. You may sponsor a breakfast in honor of a yahrtzeit, at the end of shloshim (the first 30 days of a mourning period), when you complete your eleven months of saying kaddish, or when you want to celebrate a happy occasion (birth, graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc.). The breakfasts are prepared by volunteers. We always have a pushke out in which you can put a few coins or bills which go to charity.

Yes. Our members range from bar/bat mitzvah age to senior citizens. We are an intergenerational group. That is one of the best things about us.

Yes. We embrace all ages and both genders. Emanuel is a completely egalitarian synagogue.

On a social and educational level, we have breakfast every weekday (with the exception of Friday) and every Sunday, often bringing in interesting speakers whenever possible. We take care of each other. When a member has a handicap or physical problem, one of the Minyonaires volunteers to pick them up. We send birthday, get well and sympathy cards to all members of The Emanuel Synagogue. We visit our Minyonaires in the hospital and make shiva calls. We often lead the shiva minyan at the home of a congregant. We help members celebrate simchas and special occasions. Our financial contributions touch every sphere of the Synagogue as well as many outside charities.

We can always use people to join us in davening and to lead the service. Come often and get to know us. Arrive early in the morning and help prepare breakfast. Stay after breakfast and help clean up.