Culinary History with Comic Seth Front


June 24, 2021    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

This program is both a culinary history of the Jewish delicatessen as well as a cultural history of four generations of Jews in America, from 1880 to the present. This humorous and educational multimedia history is based on comedian Seth Front’s Jewish Zodiac, a deli food parody of the Chinese zodiac. Using the 12 most iconic deli foods which comprise his Jewish Zodiac (Year of the Bagel, Year of the Pastrami, etc.), Seth explains how deli food–and Jews–arrived, adapted, assimilated and returned to authenticity over four generations in America.

Seth Front is a comedian and rabbi’s son who uses humor to emotionally connect Jews to their heritage and faith. He co-wrote the feature film comedy, “Nickel and Dimes.” Seth turned a joke about a deli food zodiac into a gift.

This event is FREE, but contributions to the Adult Ed fund are always appreciated.

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