Iyyun Tefillah: Finding Balance in Group Prayer


March 4, 2023    
9:15 am

Iyyun Tefillah 

Learning Jewish Prayer at The Emanuel Synagogue

Saturday, March 4, 9:15 am

Join our student rabbi, Sass, to improve your understanding of tefillah, Jewish prayer, and your ability to follow along in the siddur, the prayerbook. Throughout the year, we will learn specific prayers and their origins. We will also ask, “what makes prayer Jewish, and how can we develop a prayer practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition?” Sessions will end in time to join Torah service around 10:00. 

In March, we will respond to a question raised by our group over the past couple months: “How do we balance the various fluency of Hebrew, speed of davening, and spiritual interests of a community praying together?” We will look at ancient texts that speak to the issue, and also discuss our own feelings on the matter.

Future sessions are planned for 4/1, and 5/6. Come to one, some, or all!