Our Sacred Legacy Siyyum Ceremony


June 9, 2024    
9:30 am

Join us for this completion ceremony for our Torah Restoration Project
(Schedule subject to change)

9:30 am – 10:15 am:
Observe Rabbi Hale scribing on a Torah; questions welcomed!
10:30 am Siyyum Ceremony:

  • 22 Torah Scroll procession.
  • Project presentation by Rabbi Hale; quills used for scribing to be
    passed through the congregation.
  • Honorees called to the bimah for final letter inking.
  • Group Aliyah for the children, speeches, music & thank-yous.

Celebration Brunch catered by Joy of Food to follow.
String instrumentalists from I Giovani Solisti to perform.

Free to attend- Registration required for planning- RSVP Deadline June 2