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The Emanuel Minyonaires is a group that ensures that the congregation has a viable prayer service every morning, afternoon, and evening, every day of the year. All ages are welcome.

Activities of this congenial group include:

  • Having breakfast at the synagogue after morning minyan Monday through Thursday and Sunday, bringing in interesting speakers whenever possible.
  • Sending birthday and “get well” cards to each other.
  • Volunteering to pick up members with handicaps or physical problems.
  • Visiting each other in the hospital and making shiva calls.
  • Leading the shiva minyan at the home of a congregant.
  • Helping celebrate simhas and special occasions.
  • Giving a present to each Bar/Bat Mitzvah child.
  • Making financial contributions that touch every sphere of the Synagogue as well as many outside charities.

We welcome you to join us!

FAQ’s Minyonaires 2013

CONTACT: Rick Lasker, President, (860) 236-1275, minyonaires@emanuelsynagogue.org

Rick Lasker, President of the Minyonaires, cooks breakfast for the group on a regular basis