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The Sisterhood Board welcomes you to join us.

The Sisterhood Board welcomes you to join us.

Sisterhood is the women’s voice of our synagogue. The group is comprised of women of all different ages, including single, divorced, and widowed women. Some members work full time and some are stay-at-home mothers. We are affiliated with Women’s League for Conservative Judaism – the national umbrella organization for Sisterhood of Conservative synagogues – and with the Connecticut Valley Branch of Women’s League.

The variety of programs and fundraisers we sponsor include:

  • Educational programs such as a speakers on holistic health, women’s health issues, and book discussions
  • Cooking and baking classes – challah baking, Passover desserts
  • Fundraising such as sponsoring a Cabaret Talent Show, Comedy Night, and Crafts Fairs
  • Social events at the Synagogue and local theaters

We welcome you to join us!

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Sisterhood Board Members 2017-2019

President                            Audrey Yanofsky
VP Membership                        Beth Goldberg
VP Fundraising                      Reesa Olins & Fay deHaas
VP Programming                   Sheila Frankel & Marsha Kamins
VP Communications              Sandy Myers
Hospitality                               Bonnie Lasker & Arlan Lieblick
VP Torah Fund                       Debbie Mehlman & Sue Bergman
Treasurer                                  Lisa Tesser
Assistant Treasurer                 Sheryl Kopel
Financial Secretary                  Faith Helene
Recording Secretary                Nancy Nawy
Corresponding Secretary        Fern Cohen
Judaica Shop Co-Chairs          Debbie Bettan & Lisa Tesser
Immediate Past Presidents     Reesa Olins, Debbie Mehlman, Fay deHaas


Sisterhood Gift Shop

Sisterhood Gift Shop

5777 (2017) Calendar Highlights:

  • 5/25/2017 – Torah Fund Dinner/Gloria Bein recipient of Chaya Olam/Woman of Valor




Nancy Fichman Named Woman of Distinction by Women’s League

Nancy Fichman, Sisterhood past president, was given the Woman of Distinction award at Women’s League regional spring 2017. She follows the legacy of her Mom, Rosalyn Levine, past president of Temple Beth David in Cheshire, and her late mother in law, Roslyn Fichman, who was involved in Hadassah and ORT.

Nancy joined the teaching staff of the Emanuel’s Religious School in 1990. She has taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes. More recently, Nancy has been teaching the 6th grade students, as they begin their preparation for their B’nai Mitzvah. Nancy is devoted to her teaching in the Religious School and when asked this year, she was the short term Interim Director of the Religious School.

Nancy is also a resource teacher and B’nai Mitzvah teacher for our students of Special Abilities. Nancy has immensely enjoyed these students’ special celebrations of their triumphs, as they become members of the Emanuel Synagogue Community!

Nancy was the chairperson of Ruderman Inclusive Grant for the Emanuel Synagogue for USCJ from 2014-2016- working with a committee to make sure the Emanuel Synagogue was inclusive structurally, physically and emotionally for all of our community of members. She also is the Youth Advisor for USY Shelanu, our Youth Group for our Students of Special Abilities. Activities are centered on celebrating Shabbat and Holidays at the Emanuel and joining in the community youth activities. Recently, planning has begun for a new program of Shabbat Buddies, pairing students together during Shabbat services and Kiddush.

She has an occupational therapist at Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network at Bishop’s Corner for the past 13 years.

Nancy and her husband, Alfred have two daughters, Meredith and Rachel with her husband Paul, and a grandson, Zachary.

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FAQ’s of Sisterhood 2016

Audrey Yanofsky, president,