Torah Restoration Project

Project Purpose

The Torah Restoration Project will evaluate all Emanuel Sifrei Torah (scrolls), ensuring those in use meet halachic (Jewish religious law) standards for kashrut (suitable for use) and decrease our Torah inventory through partnerships with underserved communities.

Project "Roll Out": Simchat Torah, Saturday Oct. 7, 2023

More events plus hands on learning opportunities to be scheduled throughout the year.
Join us for the Siyyum (completion) ceremony on Sunday June 9, 2024. Details to be announced.

Project Goals

  • Raise $150,000 in funds necessary to clean, restore, and repair selected Scrolls.

  • Pair fundraising opportunities with educational events for all Emanuel families.

  • Provide members opportunities for ‘up close’ interactions with the Torah for knowledge and spiritual gain.

About Rabbi Kevin Hale

Rabbi Kevin Hale is a trained Sofer STaM, Torah scribe. His work focuses on evaluating and restoring Sifrei Torah and writing and teaching about our sacred scribal traditions. Rabbi Hale is an engaging teacher and speaker; he brings his passion about Torah and the sacred scribal traditions to congregations, chavurot, and schools and ignites interest with his enthusiasm, knowledge and hands-on style. He is equally skilled at engaging young children, teens and adults.

The 613th commandment to write a Torah is addressed to all Jewish people. As a dynamic service leader and teacher, Rabbi Hale draws in people of all ages and backgrounds, to activate within each of us our potential as Torah scribes and to attune our eyes and hands and hearts to this most essential but often unknown or misunderstood mitzvah.

What is a Sofer?

A sofer (Hebrew for “scribe”) is specially trained to write the holy texts onto parchment using the traditional form of Hebrew calligraphy. A sofer is also responsible to ensure existing texts are properly written and have not been damaged over time.

A sofer is also known as a sofer STaM, acronym for Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzah, the three sacred items that the sofer writes most often. In addition, a sofer may write Megillah scrolls to be used on Purim, and specialized documents such as a get for a Jewish divorce.

Support the Torah Restoration Project!

Families get involved by sponsoring a letter, word, verse or more! 

Sponsorship opportunities at every level

More information to come!

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